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Osteoarthritis and nerve entrapments

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As with pain in the other parts of the upper limb, the first step in pain management is to rule out pain referred from the structures of the cervical spine, or neck. Pain in the wrist and hand can be the result of degeneration, osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist joints, or the result of nerve entrapments. Of the nerve entrapments, median nerve entrapment, also called carpal tunnel syndrome, is the most common, but the ulnar and radial nerve entrapments are also seen.

Carpal tunnel: watch and learn more.

The hand is the second most common area affected by osteoarthritis (with the knee joint being the most common). Traditionally, injections of corticosteroid have been used to control the pain from osteoarthritis of the hand. More recently, we have used regenerative techniques (proliferative therapy, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell injections) to combat osteoarthritis pain and return our patients to function without surgery.

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