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The first step in the evaluation of pain in the pelvis and hip areas is to rule out lumbar spinal sources of pain. More often than not, pain from the lumbar spine structures can be referred into the pelvis and hip areas.


The hip joint is predisposed to degenerative changes (osteoarthritis of the hip) or traumatic and inflammatory conditions (soft tissue tears, bursitis, tendinitis). These result from a structural instability of the joint complex (sprains, strains) or poor sports technique.

Piriformis muscle pain
The piriformis muscle is a small muscle in the buttock region that rotates the hip and leg. It can be injured, most of the time with long distance running. Although rare, strain of the piriformis muscle can cause severe buttock and leg pain, as it can affect the sciatic nerve traveling through the muscle.

Pain resulting from sports injuries of the hip and piriformis muscle can be treated with regenerative techniques employing proliferative therapy (prolotherapy), platelet-rich plasma, or stem cell injections.

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