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Finally a Diagnosis !

Dr. D proved that there was a serious problem in my neck that needed surgical care after an auto accident. Prior to his assessment every test and Dr. said that there was nothing wrong with my neck and the pain was "all in my head". You will not regret going to see Dr. D

by Kitty Walker on Blank Business Name
Compassionate Care

I have chronic pain from severe scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. I've learned that this pain will never completely vanish, so I don't have that expectation. However, both Dr. D and his assistant, Holly, have worked with me to find various ways to help keep things manageable.There is only one thing I would change about my experience at this practice: the thermostat. It feels like I'm stepping into an oven when I enter the office doors. Except for that, I would not change a thing.

by Kimberlee F on Blank Business Name
Highly Recommended!

I have seen Dr. D for several years for chronic back and leg pain. He is amazing, as is his staff! When my spouse and I moved out of the Austin area a few years ago, Dr. D is the one Dr. I refused to give up. He takes the time needed when you see him and he gives you honest answers to your questions and concerns. It's been a long and painful road, but I have a lot less pain now than I have had in the past. I would highly recommend Dr. D, he is second to none!


Dr. Dumitrescu is exceptional. He stays current on research and trends to offer his patients the most advanced technology in pain management. He spends a lot of time with his patients to discuss symptoms, root causes, exam and test results, diagnoses and treatment options. He is also kind, respectful and extremely compassionate in his care. He genuinely cares about your quality of life and reducing/eliminating your pain. Of all the pain physicians I’ve seen over the years, he is the best and he has my highest recommendation.

by anonymous on Blank Business Name

Almost all doctors will address stuff that causes us pain ( broken ankle for example , tooth ache) ..What happens when it all happens at once , like "you" are getting older ( no me )For more complex/longer term issues , its nice to have a speciallist ( expert technical advisor) you can trust to be up to date on all the latest and excellent diagnosticianfriendly/efficient team

by Joyce Klava on Blank Business Name
pain reliever

Dr. D has treated both myself and my husband. We highly recommend him to work with you on options to relieve your pain.

by Anne Hawken, Ph.D on Blank Business Name

I recommend this practice to my friends whenever the subject comes up. As a long term patient, I appreciate their ability to adapt as circumstances change. The whole team is first rate.

by Homer Rodriguez on Blank Business Name
Excellent Pain Management Services

The services I received from Dr. D and his staff were excellent! For the first time, I am consistently 98% pain-free! With regular walking and exercise, I have been able to sustain the gains I made in treatment! I highly recommend Precision Pain Consultants, Dr.D and his staff! Homer Rodriguez

by Dr. Dumitrescu on Blank Business Name
Does it get any better than this? No, it does not!

Dr. Dumitrescu and his staff are exemplary in a day where just plain common courtesies are a rare find. Dr. D. cares very much for his patients; he's not just an 8 - 5 doctor. I even continued to go to him and pay out of network rates when I moved out of Austin. Yes, that's how special he is and how much I admire his staff.

by Matt Irvin on Blank Business Name
Amazing doctor

Dr. D has improved my life significantly by giving me a clear diagnosis and the most effective treatment to date for my chronic lower back pain. He explains clearly what is going on, why it's happening and all of the methods that can be used to treat the problem. He has a great bedside manner and will make you feel well taken care of from the very beginning of his consultation. I have been through several doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers (most of which were very highly regarded and did good work), and Dr. D was the one who helped the most. Highly recommended!

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by Stephen Abshagen on Blank Business Name
Trampoline time!

I left a previous review, but want to leave a periodic update or two. Dr. D and the rest of the staff, including Holly, are wonderful, and I have had amazing results. Yesterday, I spent a couple hours at my son's birthday party at one of those jumping facilities. I was jumping on trampolines, running throughout the facility, and having a great time. My knees were stable and firm, with no swelling or pain later that day and today. Pretty amazing considering I had difficulty walking up a flight of steps about a year ago. Dr. D's PRP treatments worked wonders. Thanks everyone for helping get me here!

by Mark F on Blank Business Name

Dr. D and staff are great. First rate medical care !

by Aaron Rains on Blank Business Name
Amazing Job

Dr, D is the best! He takes the time to make sure he finds the root of your problems. He helped me get a handle on my lower back problems. Thanks.

by Robert Swearingen on Blank Business Name

As a fellow physician, I feel inordinately lucky to have found Dr. "D". As noted in other notes, he takes the time to explain just what he has found and why he is recommending the treatment he does. He has no peer with an injection needle, sayeth the man with many experiences. His diagnoses are studied and never rash. He has always had my full confidence and I recommend him without reservation.

Finally A Diagnosis !

Dr. D proved that there was a serious problem in my neck that needed surgical care after an auto accident. Prior to his assessment every test and Dr. said that there was nothing wrong with my neck and the pain was "all in my head". You will not regret going to see Dr. D

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