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Whether you live in Austin, Texas or surrounding areas, Precision Pain Consultants is your standard of excellence in spine pain management treatment.

Whether you are suffering from back and leg pain or neck and arm pain, the answer to your problem hinges on two premises: correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Our diagnostic expertise will show you the source of your pain. Once pain sources are revealed, whether it pertains to back or neck, most spine problems can be managed without surgery.

Regenerative stem cells for sports injuries

Is running taking a toll and giving you hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, or foot pain? Has CrossFit won the battle and now gives you shoulder pain and back pain? Do you have elbow pain or wrist pain and hand pain from lifting weights?

Explore a new way of looking at injury recovery, functional rehabilitation, and sports pain management with regenerative therapies. Read more

    Headaches and migraines

    Have you tried all medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, and still cannot take control of your headaches and migraines? There is hope. We may have a non-surgical pain management solution. Read more

    Nutrition & Wellness

    Welcome to Precision Nutrition Consultants – our Functional Medicine approach to overcome and heal chronic pain. Read more


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    Stem cell treatment and regenerative medicine
    The new paradigm in injury recovery

    Endoscopic spine interventions – truly “minimally invasive”

    Modern endoscopic spine interventions are changing the management of sciatica, herniated discs, and back pain. Endoscopic discectomy and endoscopic rhizotomy are truly minimally invasive spinal procedures that require only a small incision and specially-designed tools to target and treat herniated discs and osteoarthritis and degeneration of the lumbar facet joints without unnecessary damage to bones or muscles. Read more.

    These procedures differ from traditional X-ray-guided pain management procedures because direct tissue visualization is delivered by high-resolution cameras, and delicate instruments allow specific tissue manipulation.

    Endoscopic Rhizotomy

    Endoscopic Discectomy

    Ask us for free information on spinal endoscopic procedures.

    It’s time to treat your pain

    Find out what hurts

    Pain Mapping – precision techniques to find out what hurts.

    Every day, patients come to us after having seen multiple specialists, having had multiple interventions or even surgery. Most are still in pain, confused and anxious about their pain sources, about their diagnosis.

    Getting better starts with the basics: what is the source of pain? Successful pain management treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. Our diagnostic approach is based on precise algorithms verified by years of experience. We combine patient education with non-surgical techniques, and most importantly, with pain diagrams and journals to precisely measure our outcomes. In a short period, you will know what your pain sources are. You will have a map of your pain.


    Chronic headaches and migraines are a common pain that can directly affect your mood, function, and overall life. Nearly one in four households in the United States has at least one person experiencing this type of pain. Read More

    Neck Pain

    Neck and arm pain can be a complicated condition as it is an integral part of your body’s support system. With our diagnostic approach, we will make sure to find the best treatment for your neck and arm pain by considering all non-surgical options. Read More

    Shoulder Pain

    With injuries or aging, it is difficult to manage pain in your shoulder. However, with careful management, shoulder pain relief can be found when we rebuild your body’s stability and fix problems that may arise in your future. Read More

    Elbow Pain

    Elbow pain is directly connected to your shoulder, neck, and hand as they combine to create support structures for weight and motion. Whether it’s a degenerative issue or an injury issue, Pain Precision Consultants is dedicated to finding a pain management solution that will get you back to your normal lifestyle. Read More

    Hand & Wrist Pain

    Your hands and wrists may be some of your most used body parts on a day to day basis. With this amount of use and aging, it’s important to manage your hand and wrist pain correctly. Read More

    Thoracic Pain

    Back pain in your thorax section can severely hinder your daily activities. We strive to quickly identify the problem area and create a specialized, focused treatment to help manage your thoracic pain. There may be regenerative treatment options for thoracic pain. Read More

    Back & Leg Pain

    Whether it’s related to an accident, poor posture, injury, or degenerative issue, back and leg pain is a common symptom. We aim to diagnose your back and leg pain based on your situation and treat it with cutting-edge methods to reduce your symptoms as well as correct it for the future. Read More

    Hip & Pelvic Pain

    Pain in the hip and pelvic regions can often be caused by aging, as degenerative changes begin to take place. However, sports injuries may also be a cause. With the right treatment in this area, you can combat your hip and pelvic pain to regain function. Read More

    Knee Pain

    Knee pain that affects the way we walk or play sports can be an acute injury or can be rooted in chronic issues. To correct knee pain, we first diagnose the specific painful area within the knee. Then, we determine our treatment on the specific knee area and the duration of pain symptoms. Read More

    Foot & Ankle Pain

    Pain in this region can be caused by a multitude of issues, but luckily, there are innovative methods to treat and repair it. From physical therapy to spinal cord stimulation, we will manage your foot and ankle pain with the best treatments available. Read More

    Regional Pain Syndrome

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that affects one or more limbs and is typically caused by injury or trauma. Thus, damage of the peripheral and central nervous system may have occurred. Diagnosis of CRPS is based on careful attention to medical history and identification of symptoms.

    Regenerative treatment

    As a leader in cutting-edge methods in pain management, we pride ourselves on providing the latest methods for treating your condition. Our regenerative pain care is a unique treatment that uses your own blood in a centrifugal system to create a platelet-rich plasma that has been known to provide significant pain relief and improve functionality. Read More

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    Based in Austin since 2007, Precision Pain Consultants is a highly specialized leader in innovations for treatment of pain and regenerative medicine. We pride ourselves on working with patients to have their unique needs met by our staff. Our diagnostic approach to your symptoms and conditions allows us to properly identify your type of pain and continue to treat it for a long term solution. Using non-surgical treatments utilizing the latest methods and technologies, we strive to relieve your pain and work together with your specialists.

    We are confident in the quality of service we provide because we begin by understanding your lifestyle, recognizing your challenges, diagnosing your conditions, and finding solutions to manage them with our experience and expertise.

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